Feb 15 • 51M

Putin's Wars: From Chechnya to Ukraine

with Mark Galeotti

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Dr Mark Galeotti is one of the world’s leading experts on Russian security affairs, which may explain why Moscow banned him last year. He read history at Cambridge and took his doctorate in government at the LSE, and after a stint with the Foreign Office has been a scholar and thinktanker in London, Keele, New York, Moscow, Prague and Florence. He heads the UK-based risk consultancy Mayak Intelligence and is an Honorary Professor at UCL and a senior associate fellow with RUSI, the Council on Geostrategy and the Institute of International Relations Prague. He has been consulted by individuals from prime ministers to CEOs and bodies from the British Foreign Affairs Select Committee to the US National Intelligence Council. A prolific author, his most recent books include Putin’s Wars: from Chechnya to Ukraine (Bloomsbury, 2022), The Weaponisation of Everything (Yale, 2022), We Need To Talk About Putin (Ebury, 2019) and The Vory: Russia’s super mafia (Yale, 2018).